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I can still function getting up at 1 AM and going in to work. But, wow, it hurts.

I was talking to one of my managers today and realized that although I felt like the young guy in management and I thought of him as an older manager, he only has a couple years on me and I may just look older. He didn’t view me as a young manager. I drank my coffee and took a look in the mirror and could see, even though I have maintained a nice short haircut, the grey hair making its trek from my temples toward the back of my head.

I saw my first grey hair when I was 19- no kidding- not long after I got engaged. I earned a lot more while I was in Iraq. I am still mostly (by quite a bit) brown haired. But the battle rages on.

I never loved PT (physical training) while I was in the Army. Honestly, I did less than I should. Especially the last 18 months (Iraq and on my way out of the Army.) But I think I have perfected the “Formula for Fat” and here it is: Walk away from an extremely regimented physical training program when you are in your 30s. Almost a guarantee that you will pack on a few extra pounds. Want proof? Too bad; I‘m not walking around with my shirt off for ANYONE that reads this that doesn’t live in my house.

The military awarded the second Medal of Honor since the beginning of hostilities in Iraq and Afghanistan. Somewhere out there you can see a list of how many Bronze Stars, Silver Stars and Medals of Honor have been awarded by war. Although in my opinion, the Bronze Star is handed out like candy, the Silver Star and Medal of Honor has been very difficult to get approved. I believe the balance should be a little better. Maybe cut the Bronze Stars in less than half (not every Captain and above, including me, deserves a Bronze Star for showing up), and award the MOH when it is deserved. We are pretty crappy about doing these in a timely manner. More on the Bronze Star- A Soldier who dies in action ranging from a direct firefight with a hostile force to standing in the wrong place at the wrong time and getting hit by an enemy mortar, will receive the Bronze Star. A staff officer that never leaves the Logistics Support Area (read that as “in the rear with the gear” as it gets in Iraq) will more times than not be awarded a Bronze Star. I asked for my award to be downgraded to something I felt more appropriate. I was told that the award is given to the company commander not only for him, but for his company as well. I think that is… not a good answer. After the awards ceremony, a senior officer who I will call Doug, walked up to me and said that I should be proud of my Bronze Star because it’s the same award that Soldiers who are killed receive. I felt sickened. He definitely did not produce a feeling of pride in me whatsoever.

I have been completely out of the Army for 32 days and signed out on leave for 60 days before that. I received a message on my cell phone yesterday informing me that I am due for a PT test and I need to be in front of the unit area at 0600 this morning. As I type this, I am 34 minutes late- I hope I don’t get in trouble!

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Jane Anne said...

About that last part-- I am still getting FRG emails. Family members are still emailing me to help them out when their soldier is in trouble.