Florida What?!?!?

Since it was Saturday the TV was on and we were watching football. The current discussion was whether I would rather South Carolina or Florida win their game. Its a tough decision because I don't know if I dislike Florida only because of their former coach (Steve Spurrier) or if I dislike them on their own merits. This is key in this discussion because their former coach is now the coach at South Carolina. I think I may have used slightly stronger language than "dislike".

In the middle of dinner, Jonathan opens his mouth and emphatically declares, "Florida SUCKS!" That was when the conversation quickly stopped. It was a strange moment for me. Do I jump up and give him a high five and say. "Heck yeah they do!" Do I ask him if he thinks that Florida sucks because they beat Tennessee so bad this year? Do I take him aside and ask his opinion on LSU?

Nope, I tried to do the responsible thing. As his grandparents were stiffling laughter and his mom was sitting there wide-eyed, I carefully phrased my next question. I said, "What?" He said, "You know. Like, 'Oregon Beavers suck!'" (welcome to the PAC-10, by the way.) I asked where he heard that. School, of course.

I should probably talk to him about it all again. And I probably will. But I like his passion and negative feelings toward Florida, so I don't want to discourage him... too much.

And I think I dislike Steve Spurrier more than Florida.

Letter to Myself

There is a song on the radio lately where the singer says that if could write a letter to himself when he was younger, he would say... I've been thinking about what I would say.

- Check the oil before you drive to Florida with Matt and Josh
- Don't assume anything when you see her at the mall with that other guy
- Don't quit football
- Check the gas before you go out with Jane Anne... on second thought, don't worry about it- that turned out ok
- Say goodbye to Pop before heading to Colorado
- and Mark before going to Iraq
- Don't quit- You're going to graduate
- Don't worry about getting out of the Army- it turns out good

I'll have to add more to this later. I don't have a lot of things that I would change. I wish I spent more time with some of the people who are gone but I think thats a pretty common regret.