Letter to Myself

There is a song on the radio lately where the singer says that if could write a letter to himself when he was younger, he would say... I've been thinking about what I would say.

- Check the oil before you drive to Florida with Matt and Josh
- Don't assume anything when you see her at the mall with that other guy
- Don't quit football
- Check the gas before you go out with Jane Anne... on second thought, don't worry about it- that turned out ok
- Say goodbye to Pop before heading to Colorado
- and Mark before going to Iraq
- Don't quit- You're going to graduate
- Don't worry about getting out of the Army- it turns out good

I'll have to add more to this later. I don't have a lot of things that I would change. I wish I spent more time with some of the people who are gone but I think thats a pretty common regret.


Kimberly said...

I'm a little confused about the not quitting football? I thought you said you enjoyed and was good at wrestling? I bet if I keep asking you questions you'll add - think twice before asking Ms. Coy to come down, turns out you won't need her anyway! :-0

breaking free said...

Thanks for giving me something to think about. I too wish I had seen Pop a little more that summer instead of running around with friends. AND if you are referring to my dad-not a day goes by that I wish I had said good bye to him that morning as I left the house.
Points to ponder are things I enjoy:)

Anonymous said...

Great song, short of the stuff under the bed.