Further from Young

I helped a new friend the other day with some plumbing work. I will go back and help him finish soon. It was nothing too strenuous- crawling around under his house; cutting pipes; crawling back out. Now- it was a LITTLE more than just that, but not too much more. And my body is aching like I just finished the first wrestling practice of the season. My back, arms, and legs are sore. Maybe, just maybe, I was getting a little more out of Army Physical training than I originally thought. We'll join the gym this week.

On a hopefully completely unrelated note- I received a pair of sweatpants for Christmas. Wow- I mean- those things are as comfortable as can be and have LOTS of room to grow! I may wear sweatpants every weekend day for now on! I epitomize sex appeal!


Anonymous said...

Sweatpants huh? say no to crack!

.)lol, no one heard me.

Kimberly said...

I'm really sorry! I was totally joking. Please don't delete me! :(

Melissa Guay said...

Uh-oh, Kimberly! WHAT did you say? I"m so curious! :))))
And by the way, I think sweatpants are a sign of the "getting-so-old-I-have-to-wear-comfortable-clothes",

Kimberly said...

Seth, now look what you've done. You've got people thinking that I'm leaving inappropriate comments on your blog. I'm extremely OFFENDED!! :}

Kristen said...

Josh got sweats for Christmas, too. Let's just say they've become a second skin to him.