It's (finally) beginning to feel a lot like Christmas

I shopped today. December 23rd, and I finally shopped. I did almost all of my shopping in one day. Between working a new job, having a new baby, living in a new town, buying a new house and still deciding which church we want to attend, Christmas has been a hassle that I have not welcomed this year. I was feeling very Jehovah's Witnessy in my desire not to celebrate this year. Since we killed Santa Clause I was just feeling ready for it to be over. Today, I finally turned the corner. I believe it was a combination of being mostly (at that point) done with my shopping and seeing something. As I was driving up to one of the last two stores I had to shop at a homeless guy was standing on the corner. A guy (about my age give or take a few years) was walking up to him and taking off his coat. It being a cold a rainy (more misty) day, the homeless guy could not have been warm. Coat Guy said a few words to Homeless Guy and handed him his coat. Then Coatless Guy walked off and went about his business. Homeless guy and his dog walked back under the bridge. Kindness is heartwarming. On second thought, I don't think my joy was at all related to being done shopping.

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leigh ann said...

That is an amazing story, Seth. I'm so glad you shared that. Merry Christmas!