Odd in Oregon

Catchy Title, huh?

So today I saw something that I never thought of as possible. First, for those who have not lived in Oregon or travelled through, let me explain a strange law. You, as the driver of a motor vehicle, cannot pump your own gas. Weird, I know. I discovered this when I moved to Washington in late May 2003. I pulled up to a gas station in Northeast Oregon just after saying, "Oh. THIS is where Oregon is!" I jumped out and started pumping gas. A (maybe barely) post-high school girl working at the gas station ran out and told me that the pump was full service. I was embarrassed and asked which pumps were not. She then explained that all of the gas stations in Oregon were full service. I felt very uneasy as a young lady pumped my gas as I sat there useless. Now to the events of today:

I pulled into a gas station and there was a trainee. He was somewhere between 25 and 30 years old. Here is what I heard:

Trainer- "Ok, you try this one"
Trainer- "Take the card and put it in the slot there."
Trainer- "No, with the stripe facing the other way."
Trainer- "Take off the gas cap and pick up the nozzle."
Trainer- "Select the type of gas."
Trainee- "Uh, sir, which type of gas did you want?"
Seth- "Regular"
Trainer- "See the buttons there beside the regular gas? Push that one, it selects that type of gas."
Trainer- "Now put the nozzle in there. Squeeze the handle. Feel lit click- it locks in and will shut off by itself."
Trainee- "Seriously? By itself? Cool."

Then they walked off.

I was filling up the gas tank for my dad or grandfather when I was seven. Every teenag boy looks forward to being able to pump his own gas (but not paying for it.) And I watched a full-grown man filling a gas tank for presumably the first time. Weird. Only on Oregon and maybe New Jersey.


Anonymous said...

No self-service in Oregon? Hmmmm... I think I small a conspiracy.


Anonymous said...

SMELL a conspiracy. SMELL.


I knew that thingy stop by itself said...

That is too funny!

Kimberly said...

When I went to bible school down in Oregon and the choir group took a trip, I rode with my friend Kristi in her car with her "boyfriend" and her roommate. Both Kristi and the "boyfriend" were from Oregon. Her roommate, whose name is Julie, and I were from Washington. We pulled into one of those places that aren't actually gas stations but you can buy gas from them with a credit card or gas card. It is self serve since no one is actually there. Anyway, Guppy (the boyfriend) was driving and got out to fill the gas tank up but he couldn't figure out how to get the gas tank open. Then Kristi got out to try and help. Julie and I were in the back seat laughing so hard, tears rolling down our faces, trying not to pee ourselves that we couldn't even tell them they just needed to push on the round little "door" and it would pop open. Needless to say, it took us twice the amount of time it should have to get gas and John left the gas cap there!!!