Skunk Ape- For Kimberly

The Skunk Ape is said to be a large hairy, bipedal mammal that calls the Florida Everglades home. They have (allegedly) been spotted as far north as Tallahassee and as far south as Lostman's River. Large adult males are said to weigh in excess of 450 lbs and stand 6 to 7 feet tall with reddish or dark brown hair similar in appearance to an orangutan or gorilla. Some believe that this biped is part of the same species as the famed Bigfoot. A handful of sightings have also happened in the Western US, including Simi Valley, CA. In recent months, several sightings have been reported near the Withlacoochee River in Brooks County, GA, between Quitman and Valdosta.

The smell of a Skunk Ape has been reported to be similar to rotten eggs or Hydrogen Sulfide.

They are known to be afraid of human contact.

In 2000, two photographs of an ape, said to be the Skunk Ape, were taken anonymously and mailed to the Sarasota Sheriff's Department in Florida. They were accompanied by a letter from a woman claiming to have photographed the creature in the palmettos at the edge of her backyard. The photographer claimed that for three nights the ape had entered her yard to take apples from a bushel basket on her porch. She was convinced it was an escaped orangutan. The police were called to the house continuous times but when they arrived the 'Ape' was gone. The pictures have become known to Bigfoot enthusiasts as the "Myakka skunk ape photos".


Seth said...

Hmmm- before anyone else says it- Hairy, over 6 foot tall, smells like rotten eggs... I AM NOT FROM FLORIDA THOUGH!

Kimberly said...

I think that the "south" is trying to steal our Pacific NW thunder and claim our Bigfoot is some smelly biped (whatever that is?) called a Skunk Ape. Don't they already have grotesquely large, scaley crocs and alligators that they get to lay claim to? What's up with that?

But beyond all that, thanks for filling me in Seth on the "Legend of the Skunk Ape". I can now go to bed tonight knowing that I have learned something new and completely unbelievable!

Kimberly said...

Oh but btw, I do completely believe in the Loch Ness Monster. No joke!

Anonymous said...

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