Too long a pause

I made a mistake. I deleted two comments with the intent of posting them as part of my next post, but unfortunately, due to my advanced age, I went to bed (not in mt sweatpants) before completing the post. And now I cannot get the comments back (thus the definition of "Delete" holds true) and I cannot do what I wanted to do on here.

But trust me- it would have been funny and well-worded. You would have laughed out loud (even if no one heard you.) So, Kim, I am sorry that I deleted your comments. It was only supposed to be temporary. If you notice that two comments were deleted, it was because I deleted my wife's reply to Kim as well.


Melissa Guay said...

Wow, the other side of 30 sounds really difficult for you!!! :)))

Kimberly said...

I'm sure that you, Seth, in no way meant to imply that Jane Anne and I's comments were not well-worded and funny. But like Melissa said, the other side of 30 seems to be a bit difficult on you these days. Are you gonna make it? Gonna be able to push on thru? I'm really sorry that we missed out on the very funny and well-worded post that never was. I can only imagine how hilarious it could've been!