Washington Wines

I did a google search and found an incredible looking bottle of wine from Washington. I love most Washington wines. Anyone know where I could pick up a McCoy 2007 Plum?

Big Night

There are probably three people that read this that know the significance of last night. The University of Tennessee's Men's Basketball team beat Memphis. This is not abnormal in any way. Last year they beat Memphis by nearly 20 points. But this year is different. Memphis was undefeated (26-0) and ranked #1 in the country while Tennessee was 24-2 and ranked #2 in the country. It is the 38th time a #1 team has played a #2 team during the regular season and only the 5th time those two teams are from the same state. Of the 38 previous meetings between #1 and #2, The #1 team has won 19 times and the #2 team has won 18 times (before tonight!) Now Tennessee has evened that number up. The game was incredible! it was a nail biter right down to the last second! I watched the first half with Jonathan giving me a second by second score update, put the kids in bed and watched most of the second half after bedtime stories. ESPN and SI.com had built the game up as the game of the season all week long. It lived up to the hype. If you didn't see it and you like basketball- I hope you get to see a replay of it soon. If not- oh well.

Let'em Be Boys!




Wife said there is NO WAY in the world she would blog about this. She said that she only took video and pictures as proof for the Child Protection Agency when they came and tried to take the kids away. She wanted to ensure they knew she had NOTHING to do with it.

Husband says- Let'em Be Boys! Let'em get dirty, throw rocks, smash bugs, get in a fight, touch the electric fence, slide down the stairs on cardboard, shoot bb guns, and jump out of the loft of the barn on a pile of hay.

The boys were working their way up to bed and I had a great idea. I never had stairs at my house growing up. And I would have been WAY too scared to try this. But I sure as shootin encouraged my kids to try it. There were two really funny parts of it. The first was when I went down the stairs on a piece of cardboard. It was anything but graceful. It hurt. I ounced the entire way- completely out of control. Jane Anne almost peed her pants laughing at me.

Here is David and Jonathan on the short trips down the stairs. The first time, Jane Anne wasn't able to video because she was diving to get in front of Jonathan before he slammed into the wall. Notice the bean bag brake strategically placed at the bottom of the stairs. It wasn't there when Jonnie took the trip from the top of the stairs. The boys understand that they are NEVER allowed to do this when they are home alone with Momma. But you better believe we'll do it when Daddy is around!

This is Jonathan's first trip down- Since flying down the stairs and breaking both bones in his right forearm in July, he has been timid around the stairs. This picture is Jonathan conquering his fears. Way to go Jonathan!

Deep in your Soul

I love that we have five senses. It's amazing that a smell, a song, or a tase can bring you back to some other place in time. Somehow these are connected deep in my soul and every time (if not overdone) will bring me back there. When I hear a high school band play, I remember the fall nights in my back yard when I would sit in the cherry tree and hear the Farragut High School band practice. The sound of jitterbugs or the smell of smashed lightening bugs (I know- gross but true) bring me back to the old neighborhood also. When I was growing up, I SWEAR every Sunday we would listen to BJ Thomas singing "Peace in the Valley". My mom played the tape so much, I swear it wore out. Granny Shanks had an old Oak Ridge Boys record (yes, record) and we would dance and sing along with them singing "Elvira".

So, I updated the playlist with a few songs we used to listen to growing up. Enjoy! And I added a good version of "Rocky Top" for all to enjoy!

Old Favorite and a new one.


I knew there was a way that I could put music on here without using youtube! So, now I'll occassionally update with a song or two I am listening to that particular day. Feel free to tell me how much you love the music! Thanks Keith for the suggestion. I made this on www.playlist.com it takes a few minutes to figure out how to do it, but I think its pretty cool.

I heard this girl (Sunny Sweeney) sing this morning as I was driving to work... She may be the next big thang cuz she got that twang!

And- A song Matt introduced me to back in High School. His version was slightly different. Matt- do you remember the name of the group that covered it on the album you had?

Friday Food

I am passionate about food. I LOVE the different tastes of different foods. Today, I decided I would eat a bratwurst or two for lunch. Simple- a bratwurst and a bun, right? Well, here is the result:

If you look hard, you will see that under the cheese, chili, dill pickle relish, onions, and ketchup is actually an undersized bratwurst. Of course, one is never enough. And who can eat a bratwurst without a beer, right?

I took that picture laughing at myself for overindulging. Then I saw this sequence of events take place. Thomas (who definitely shares my passion for culinary delights) had just polished off his hotdog and was starting in on his rice krispies treat. Kimberly- avert your eyes.

That's right- my 2 yr old is dipping the rice krispies treat in ketchup

Past the teeth, over the tongue, look out belly, here it comes!

And he loves it!

I need some antacid.


Janey just sat down to eat HER lunch. As if to shame me, she put her daily salad on the table in the same place I sat to polish off about 1500 calories in Bratwursts, chili and cheese.