Let'em Be Boys!




Wife said there is NO WAY in the world she would blog about this. She said that she only took video and pictures as proof for the Child Protection Agency when they came and tried to take the kids away. She wanted to ensure they knew she had NOTHING to do with it.

Husband says- Let'em Be Boys! Let'em get dirty, throw rocks, smash bugs, get in a fight, touch the electric fence, slide down the stairs on cardboard, shoot bb guns, and jump out of the loft of the barn on a pile of hay.

The boys were working their way up to bed and I had a great idea. I never had stairs at my house growing up. And I would have been WAY too scared to try this. But I sure as shootin encouraged my kids to try it. There were two really funny parts of it. The first was when I went down the stairs on a piece of cardboard. It was anything but graceful. It hurt. I ounced the entire way- completely out of control. Jane Anne almost peed her pants laughing at me.



Here is David and Jonathan on the short trips down the stairs. The first time, Jane Anne wasn't able to video because she was diving to get in front of Jonathan before he slammed into the wall. Notice the bean bag brake strategically placed at the bottom of the stairs. It wasn't there when Jonnie took the trip from the top of the stairs. The boys understand that they are NEVER allowed to do this when they are home alone with Momma. But you better believe we'll do it when Daddy is around!

This is Jonathan's first trip down- Since flying down the stairs and breaking both bones in his right forearm in July, he has been timid around the stairs. This picture is Jonathan conquering his fears. Way to go Jonathan!


Kimberly said...

This is such a great "daddy-thing" to do!!! Something that most mommy's are sitting there muttering under their breath about and thinking to themselves - what in the world is HE thinking!!! I love that JA instead takes movies of the "disaster waiting to happen". I'm sure that you all had a blast!!!
We had stairs a number of times growing up. Between the ages of 7 and 10 our stairs were wooden which made them nice and slick at times. Janeen and Rene' and I would get our fuzzy, feetie pj's on and go "bump, bump" as often as we could. Our girls used to do the same at the Tacoma house on our carpeted stairs. Never thought about trying to "sled" down the stairs on cardboard though!!!

sunshine said...

way to go Jonathan, thats good teachin. when I do that Ronin is going to use me for a box

Carmom said...

Matt is probably going to cring when I say this but we will have to try this ourselves. I remember sliding down our stairs as a child. I do the crazy stuff in our family while Matt is the more fearful, cautious one.

Melissa Guay said...

Wow. Ainsley does this all the time but without cardboard,just on her bum. :) Now I want to see video of SETH doing this, that might be some funny stuff!!!

John & Carrie said...


I won't say what matt rode down the steps, nor will I say what the ER doc said afterwards.

Bakatari said...

I pushed my friend Joe down the stairs at our church when I was the Janitorial Engineer. Joe caught about 4ft of air when he got to the bottom his arm was broke.
I don't think we slid down the stairs anymore, let alone push the person with all our might! Sure was fun though!

seth said...

See- like I said- Let'em be boys! Boys will do what boys will do.

Bakatari said...


Amy said...

I did this with my siblings all the time growing up....in sleeping bags, on cardboard, anything we could think of! It was SO much fun. :):)

Jane Anne said...

You crazy people!!! My son broke his arm- both bones in his forearm. Do you know how dangerous this was?? Do you know I am still feeling like a bad parent because I didn't intervene?!? Geez...Seth needs no more encouragement.

Kimberly said...

My girls did the whole sleeping bag thing. Hey if their arms are in the bag they can't be extended out in front of you to try and break your fall. Therefore, no broken arms just broken noses!!!
And JA - you were the one taking pictures and video of the stair sledding - whose the crazy person? ;^}

Jane Anne said...

Oh, I think I was trying to be a cool mom! Seriously ever time I am on the stairs since I wonder "What I was thinking?" The memories of Jonathan's broken arm and the stairs sledding invokes very confusing feelings for me. I am a wimp- I admit it.

matt said...

Matt is the one who went to the hospital after falling down the stairs in his youth.

seth said...

Matt is the obne who encouraged me to jump off railroad bridges and cliffs into lakes and rivers.