Old Favorite and a new one.


I knew there was a way that I could put music on here without using youtube! So, now I'll occassionally update with a song or two I am listening to that particular day. Feel free to tell me how much you love the music! Thanks Keith for the suggestion. I made this on www.playlist.com it takes a few minutes to figure out how to do it, but I think its pretty cool.

I heard this girl (Sunny Sweeney) sing this morning as I was driving to work... She may be the next big thang cuz she got that twang!

And- A song Matt introduced me to back in High School. His version was slightly different. Matt- do you remember the name of the group that covered it on the album you had?


Mattdaddy said...


I couldn't find a youtube of their version!

Anonymous said...

Hey some of us are at work on slower than dial up. what's with all the vids man.
oh, but, the blurry pics look like they would be great songs!

Kimberly said...

And some of us just plain have computer issues. I love the pic of the old record, it sure brings back some great memories. I miss that screechy sound a record makes before it starts actually playing the song. And I remember when we had a record with scratches we would put a penny on the arm and then it would play w/o skipping.
Thanks for the memories!!!

Jane Anne said...

I would say that Kim and Keith aren't MISSING ANYTHING not hearing Robert Earl Keen. But, much to my embarrassment I have to admit to the blog public that the Feelin Good Song is growing on me. (Oh, the shame...)

Kimberly said...

Love the playlist! I want one!!!
So I really like the song Heaven but I think that I normally hear it on the christian radio station. I'm thinking that The Katinas might sing it also????
Breathless is the song that Jim and Janeen walked down the aisle too after their wedding. We really like that one!

Kimberly said...

BTW - My Grandpa and Grandma listened to The Statler Brothers.

Mattdaddy said...

I like the Statler Bros. and I love J. Cash... and I'm NOT a country fan under anyone's definition.

seth said...

Mattdaddy- I believe that liking the Statler Brothers and J Cash means that you are at least a passive country music fan

Kim- When "Heaven" came out, it was played on Christian Radio a lot. I still hear it occassionally.