What happens on the other side of 30

JA has always commented that I have fairly bushy eyebrows. I can live with that. I like my pudgy, hairy body. I wouldn't change anything about myself. But apparently my barber would change something about me. I got a very army haircut the other day. My barber, Dennis, apparently feels that I look better with short hair. He cut it as short as I have ever had it in the army. Then, after completing the butchering of my hair, he swiftly took the comb, ran it through my eyebrows and trimmed them! Apparently the bushyness of my eyebrows had extended to the point where he felt that it went without saying that he would trim them back for me. I may have to go somewhere else for now on. I am SURE JA will manage to post of picture of my man-scaped eyebrows somewhere.

Super Surfing

I have found (thank you Carmen) the best way to surf the net. I mean, this is real surfing. Want to use the internet for what Al Gore intended it for? Then let Stumble On do it for you. This is just plain fun. THe ultimate chewing gum for your brain. Some of my favorites thus far are:
Look like your Dog? Funny
Pac-Xon A really Cool PacMan Game