Waking up Strange

I'm not good at waking up when I travel.

This morning the thoughts I had at 6:00 AM Central were:

"Where am I?"
"where is my alarm clock?"
"What is that music coming out of my alarm clock?"
"Why is it going off?"
"I still don't know where I am, but I think I am supposed to get up."
found alarm clock- fumbling with it, "Where is the snooze button?"

"Oh- I have a meeting at 8; and I am... in... minneapolis."

That was my first 2 seconds of being awake this morning.
I would rather be home in the familiarity of my room.


Kimberly said...

It's even worse when said strange music coming from the alarm is not going off at the "wake-up time" but rather around 3 am in the morning!!!
Hope you have a wonderful week of meetings and that you are able to enjoy (as much as possible) your time away from home.

John & Carrie said...

Guess you don't travel much?

Mattdaddy said...

That read like a whale suddenly coming into existence at altitude.

Let me know if you need help with the reference.

Seth said...

Matt- you recommended that book to me... uhh...almost 18 years ago. I read it about 3 years ago. never saw the movie or any of the sequels. And thanks for all the fish.

Anonymous said...

All I hear when my alarm goes off is Blah Blah.

Anonymous said...

Strange was the name of Patrick McManus' dog as a kid.
Just something I thought you needed to know.