Memorial Day

Taps is the saddest song I will ever hear. It doesn't matter how many memorial services or funerals I attended, I was never ready for the sound of the rifles firing the first of three volleys. Each time, those shots signalled for me the time to try to hold back the tears. When a Soldier kneels on one knee and hands the flag to the wife/ daughter/ husband of the deceased, I usually bite the inside of my cheek to stop from crying outwardly.

Until I started looking up memorials of people I knew, I didn't realize how deep the feelings of appreciation for those who died and sorrow for their families run within me. Bill Jacobsen was someone I got to know a little. After reading these memorials, I realized that my opinion of him was mirrored by lots of others. Here is the NY Times Article about his last three months.

So, today I worked. No barbecue, no day on the lake, no party. And I'm glad. I would hate to have been too tired to spend some time hurting for my friends and their families today.

Its good to feel the hurt again. And remember.

I hope you enjoyed your Memorial Day and took just a few minutes to remember those Soldiers who have died. If you didn't, spend a minute reading the articles about Bill and know that there is always going to be hope for the US Military as long as men like him keep joining and serving.

I wish I could stay home all day and not work

In order to do that, i would have to not be married, independently wealthy, not have any kids, and not care about the condition of my house (or cardboard box) I am living in.

I tried it the other way today and I had to run off to work at the very first opportunity to relax. Jane Anne had a thing at the church today and I figured I could get a lot done in order to get the house cleaned up for tomorrow's celebration of motherhood. I worked my tail off for four hours. I was covered in sweat, smelled bad, the kids barely ate before I ran them back outside, and I didn't get anything "done".

As I was running out the door to head to work, I noticed all of the crumbs and bits of food that had fallen to my freshly mopped floor during lunch. I mentioned to JA that I couldn't believe how messy the floor was and that I had swept and mopped it just before lunch. She told me that she thought that I had mopped, but the crumbs under the table threw her off. I was deflated.

Thank you Stay At Home Moms everywhere (and especially in my house in Oregon).

I am beat. Maybe I will work a few more hours.

Technology and the Irish

Amazement. I sit in amazement. When I started college in 1992, I was excited when I, as a freshman, learned that I could email JA in Alabama. What an amazing tool we had at our disposal. Now, I am sitting on a bus driving 65 miles per hour down the interstate posting a blog about the Irish food I ate at the airport. Seriously- in 16 years, we have come a LOOOOOOONNNNNNNGGGGGGG way. Amazing.I commented on other blogs, I looked at, I spent the last 40 minutes looking at work email and responding to about 20 of them, and now I am blogging. Oh- another piece of amazing technology- The Ipod Nano. I told JA that it was a waste to get one of those. she knows me MUCH better than I know myself. I sat on a plane and watched the last 3 hours of the best Miniseries ever made. I don't have to tell you what it is. I KNOW you know. That's right. I watched Lonesome Dove on my Ipod while flying over the United States. Granted it is on a 1 1/2 inch screen, but I don't need a huge screen when I have about 4 1/2 inches of legroom on the flight and the large guy sitting in the seat next to me spills over onto my seat. Amazing technology. Everything (including the seats on the plane) is getting smaller and more compact.

Now- on to Dinner- just to finish out the week. There was an Irish pub in the airport next to my gate. As I was on the phone with my wife telling her how much I missed her, I kept smelling the yummy food from there. My stomach took over and I got off the phone and went and found a seat. I ate at O'Gara's Pub I had a Reuben and some sort of medium beer. It was good. The cole slaw was too wet and watery. Besides that, a good grilled Reuben with lots of sauerkraut washed down with the beer was delicious. Or as the Irish say, "Cathain a bhainfidh an traenach amach i Cill Airne?" Which translates to mean- when does this train get to Killarney.

Actually- here is your Gaelic phrase of the day:
PHRASE: Gle mhaith!
PRONOUNCED: glay moth
MEANING: Very good!

Enjoy your new- found knowledge! I am enjoying the technology and the motion sickness I am feeling from trying to type for the last hour on a moving bus.

Good Day!

Brit's Pub

Walked a couple blocks down the street and ate British.

All of it looked... well, unappetizing until I saw the item at the top of the menu: Fish and Chips washed down with a good old beer straight out of... St Louis. Fish and Chips with a Bud Light. They had one other domestic beer there (Blue Moon) but I was feeling like a good American beer at a good non-American restaurant. It was too nice a night to actually go inside though, so I sat on their patio. And when I say patio, it is really a sidewalk with tables and chairs right in frontof the restaurant. I ate, read a book, and went back to the hotel- where I not sit.

Hope you enjoyed the week o' food from the Twin Cities! I'll be home Friday Night!

Din din

No, I did not go without dinner last night. I was just overcome with a debilitating headache after dinner.

I ate here. My momma would be so proud. I had some combination dinner with steak, chicken and shrimp. the proud momma comes in when I ate the chicken liver for the appetizer. yum (YUK!). There was vegetables, rice, meat, and green tea ice cream chopped up and served by a very white guy who thought it was funny to talk in a Japanese accent; a very POOR Japanese accent.