Din din

No, I did not go without dinner last night. I was just overcome with a debilitating headache after dinner.

I ate here. My momma would be so proud. I had some combination dinner with steak, chicken and shrimp. the proud momma comes in when I ate the chicken liver for the appetizer. yum (YUK!). There was vegetables, rice, meat, and green tea ice cream chopped up and served by a very white guy who thought it was funny to talk in a Japanese accent; a very POOR Japanese accent.


Kimberly said...

So were you attired in a dress, jeans or suit?
Sounds like that green tea ice cream might have had a little something "extra" in it!!!
Glad to hear that you didn't go without dinner! Can't wait to hear what you eat tonight!
We are having leftovers at the McCoy household! Your mother-in-law would be proud but your wife would probably puke!

Anonymous said...

We LOVE Ichiban! One time Josh and I ordered $85 in Sushi, and the Sushi Chef brought it out to us personally, because he didn't think we could eat so much. Well, two Fat Americans can sure put the sushi away, and the chef was LAUGHING at us. And we ate all that sushi in under 20 minutes. It rocked.