I wish I could stay home all day and not work

In order to do that, i would have to not be married, independently wealthy, not have any kids, and not care about the condition of my house (or cardboard box) I am living in.

I tried it the other way today and I had to run off to work at the very first opportunity to relax. Jane Anne had a thing at the church today and I figured I could get a lot done in order to get the house cleaned up for tomorrow's celebration of motherhood. I worked my tail off for four hours. I was covered in sweat, smelled bad, the kids barely ate before I ran them back outside, and I didn't get anything "done".

As I was running out the door to head to work, I noticed all of the crumbs and bits of food that had fallen to my freshly mopped floor during lunch. I mentioned to JA that I couldn't believe how messy the floor was and that I had swept and mopped it just before lunch. She told me that she thought that I had mopped, but the crumbs under the table threw her off. I was deflated.

Thank you Stay At Home Moms everywhere (and especially in my house in Oregon).

I am beat. Maybe I will work a few more hours.

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Jane Anne said...

I have to say- this was a very sweet post. Thank you for your words. (Great title- good attention getter.) The best gift to give a mother might just be understanding and appreciation of what she does.