Memorial Day

Taps is the saddest song I will ever hear. It doesn't matter how many memorial services or funerals I attended, I was never ready for the sound of the rifles firing the first of three volleys. Each time, those shots signalled for me the time to try to hold back the tears. When a Soldier kneels on one knee and hands the flag to the wife/ daughter/ husband of the deceased, I usually bite the inside of my cheek to stop from crying outwardly.

Until I started looking up memorials of people I knew, I didn't realize how deep the feelings of appreciation for those who died and sorrow for their families run within me. Bill Jacobsen was someone I got to know a little. After reading these memorials, I realized that my opinion of him was mirrored by lots of others. Here is the NY Times Article about his last three months.

So, today I worked. No barbecue, no day on the lake, no party. And I'm glad. I would hate to have been too tired to spend some time hurting for my friends and their families today.

Its good to feel the hurt again. And remember.

I hope you enjoyed your Memorial Day and took just a few minutes to remember those Soldiers who have died. If you didn't, spend a minute reading the articles about Bill and know that there is always going to be hope for the US Military as long as men like him keep joining and serving.

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