The Truth of Dads and Moms

Sometime in June I mentioned to Jonathan that we would, sometime this summer, have a "Video Game Night" where the boys could stay up as late as they want, play video games, eat junk food, and generally have fun. I know, what a fun idea, right? The truth of how great ideas start and finish in my house was never more evident than yesterday.My great idea was to have the video game night. Jane Anne- made cookies, made sure the boys took naps, made some excellent trail mix, bought other goodies, made sure we had movies for Thomas to watch because he's not a video game aged kid, and made sure we had pizza for dinner. She stayed up and helped get the boys in bed when one of them melted down at 2:30 AM.
So- behind every time I seem heroic to my kids, its because momma is doing all of the work in the background to let me look good.


Kimberly said...

kudos for the momma's of the world and especially the momma in your little one!!!!

AJ said... least you realize it and recognize it! :) Way to go Momma and Daddy.