Little ditty about Jack and Diane

Two American kids growin up in the heartland.

For my wife


Anonymous said...

That's weird, Seth. I woke up one morning this week with that song in my head and couldn't figue out how it got there. I hadn't read your post yet and I can't remember what day it was. But, I wonder if it was the same day you wrote this. But, now it's in my head again. At least this time, I'll know why it's there.

John & Carrie said... sweet...actually whenever I've heard that song, I've thought of you two, high school sweethearts.

Jane Anne said...

It is NOT sweet... he is just simply trying to get another song stuck in my head!!!

To explain: My friend Kim makes her blog posts have Song Titles. I begged her to post recently because the last one "Back to Life, Back to Reality" was constantly stuck in my head EVERY time I pulled up her blog. She wrote a new post and then this was Seth's stab at getting a different song stuck in my head. My husband... he's all heart!!

Kimberly said...

Sometimes - I love that man!!!