I am an Idealist

Brilliantly Titled

I am struggling with a title for this post so I am going to stop trying to think of one and just start typing.

As I was getting on the plane this afternoon in in Los Angeles, I stood next to, in my estimation, the happiest girl I had ever seen. She was probably about 18 or 19. I wouldn't have thought that old, except for the fact that she was married. I thought she must have been on some kind of drugs. She was bouncing around and way to happy to get on an overbooked flight to Portland. I made my way down the aisle and into my seat and noticed that happy little girl was sitting across the aisle from me. I politely said, "hello" and went back to my book. When we took off, she giggled and laughed. I raised an eyebrow and kept reading. After several other events like this, she asked what I was reading and I showed her the book (Playing For Pizza by John Grisham). I then asked her if she was going home or away from home. She teared up pretty quickly and told me that she was finally going home. Through a brief conversation I learned quite a bit, so here is her story:

She fell in love with her boyfriend in High School in Portland and got married just after she graduated. Then she got deported. Apparently, being married doesn't automatically make you an American citizen, even if you've lived here since you were 7. So, she spent quite a long time in Guatemala trying to get her visa so she could move back to America, where her husband, mom, dad, sisters, etc all live. Her husband went to Guatemala for a while, but had to come back to go to work. She was coming "home" for the first time in her married life and was going to finally live with her husband.

I put all of this together as we exited the plane. As I came around the corner out of the secure area, she was in the arms of her father who was crying a river and surrounded by no less than 15 others. Her husband was waiting dutifully for her to finish kissing her father before he stepped in.

What did I learn from this? Life (work, bills, kids, pets, other family) has a way of bogging me down and I forget about the giddy excitement I used to feel when I would see Janey. I feel a deeper love than ever, I need to show a little bit of the excitement. It'll be good for me, her, AND the kids...

I DON'T hate Bama, but...

I grew up hating Alabama. There was nothing worse than to lose the game on the Third Saturday in October. Nothing. I married a wonderful woman who graduated from Alabama, and still managed to hate Bama. But... now I have three boys. None have spent any significant time in the Southeast and all have chosen their teams to cheer for. They either cheer for Oregon or Oregon State AND Alabama or Tennessee. One PAC-10 team and one SEC team. It hurts my heart, but I cannot openly hate Bama anymore because my little clone LOVEs Alabama. He Loves everything Red and Loves screaming Roll Tide at the top of his lungs. My oldest loves Tennessee with such a passion (and subsequently hates Bama with equal energy) that I KNOW they will get in fights later in life over this game.

But I do not hate Bama anymore. Do I sound like someone in a 12-step program? Just in case you want to know the passion that people in Tennessee have for their football and how much they do NOT like Alabama... click anywhere.

Stranger thoings have happened

As alluded to here stranger things have happened than an unranked Tennessee playing at home beating a #2 ranked Alabama. Hmmmm... as a matter of fact, that EXACT thing happened in 1982. That's right- lets review our history boys and girls:

Alabama rolls into Knoxville in 1982 ranked #2 in the nation. They, as required, were wearing white jerseys and white pants while Tennessee, the unranked Volunteers had not beaten Alabama in 11 years. Tennessee donned the all orange look that game. What a site to see! Bama had just beaten a VERY powerful Penn State and were looking to continue their presumed dominance over the Volunteers. Although Alabama scored first, a 52 yard touchdown pass to Willie Gault got Tennessee back into the game.

Watch the Video Here, I know you want to.

Final Score? Alabama 28, Tennessee 35!


One of the things I love about my wife:

She loves college football.

Right now she is finishing up a cup of coffee and couple sausage and biscuits in bed while watching College Game Day on ESPN. One of the first questions she asked my this morning while she was rubbing the sleep from her eyes- "What time's the game?"

She has sat in the driveway in the truck listening to her team playing on XM radio when they weren't on TV. I brought her pizza and a beer for dinner in the truck.

I love that she loves college football!

Not Me Monday

I certainly most assuredly did NOT pass gas and blame it on the trash can after my wife warned me that if I did it one more time I would be sleeping on the couch! No- Not ME!!!

And I would never, and did not suggest that I blog about it in order to get her to laugh instead of kicking me out of my bed for the night. Nope- I didn't.