I DON'T hate Bama, but...

I grew up hating Alabama. There was nothing worse than to lose the game on the Third Saturday in October. Nothing. I married a wonderful woman who graduated from Alabama, and still managed to hate Bama. But... now I have three boys. None have spent any significant time in the Southeast and all have chosen their teams to cheer for. They either cheer for Oregon or Oregon State AND Alabama or Tennessee. One PAC-10 team and one SEC team. It hurts my heart, but I cannot openly hate Bama anymore because my little clone LOVEs Alabama. He Loves everything Red and Loves screaming Roll Tide at the top of his lungs. My oldest loves Tennessee with such a passion (and subsequently hates Bama with equal energy) that I KNOW they will get in fights later in life over this game.

But I do not hate Bama anymore. Do I sound like someone in a 12-step program? Just in case you want to know the passion that people in Tennessee have for their football and how much they do NOT like Alabama... click anywhere.


John & Carrie said...

LOL! Growing up in a divided household, I can relate. Dad was for Bama and Mom was for UT. Then my sister went to Bama. And well, growing up, I loved cheering for Bama...probably because I was a Daddy's girl (there is some hope for you--Elsie might cheer for UT). I love wearing Alabama shirts and I loved how fired up it got people.
Reading your blog about how passionate people are about this reminded me of high school. I was amazed at the comments that people would make when I wore Alabama shirts (hey--my sister goes there, I don't have family that goes to UT). Several times, guy friends of mine would say: "If you weren't a girl, we'd ripe that shirt off of you." I found it hilarious that people get that worked up over a shirt.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this time of year!!!!! I just wish it was 60 degrees and not 85. College football is NOT the same when you have to enjoy it from TEXAS!!!!!!!!!!!

The Silveys say have a GREAT week in your "house divided" and we'll all be excited for the BIG GAME!


leigh ann said...

Grew up right outside Knoxville, but my Daddy went to Alabama. I was a Bama fan. Went to college in Alabama. Felt unable to cheer against Tennessee, because it reminded me too much of home. Became a Tennessee fan. Married a Bama fan; moved back to Tennessee. One confused chick.

But until Fulmer is gone, Bama gets my vote.

BTW, please tell me you have seen this dude: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mor3ZBsKINI

Enjoy the game! :)

Kimberly said...

these posts and these comments could've been written in spanish (or some other foreign language) as well as I understand them! i wonder if us Northwesterners have any habits that you southerners find odd?

Football FANatic said...

Kim- NOT liking Football is odd; NOT knowing of Joe Paterno is odd; should I go on?