Stranger thoings have happened

As alluded to here stranger things have happened than an unranked Tennessee playing at home beating a #2 ranked Alabama. Hmmmm... as a matter of fact, that EXACT thing happened in 1982. That's right- lets review our history boys and girls:

Alabama rolls into Knoxville in 1982 ranked #2 in the nation. They, as required, were wearing white jerseys and white pants while Tennessee, the unranked Volunteers had not beaten Alabama in 11 years. Tennessee donned the all orange look that game. What a site to see! Bama had just beaten a VERY powerful Penn State and were looking to continue their presumed dominance over the Volunteers. Although Alabama scored first, a 52 yard touchdown pass to Willie Gault got Tennessee back into the game.

Watch the Video Here, I know you want to.

Final Score? Alabama 28, Tennessee 35!


AJ said...

What's a thoing? ;)

Jane Anne said...

I love you, AJ!

Leah said...

Amen Seth! Glad to see you "representin'" out west. :o) I clearly remember being at the 1982 World's Fair...we had been riding the rides (that end of the fair was right next to UT) and we ran over the bridge over the Strip at Strong and Clemet Halls and watched the goal posts being carried down the Strip. What a glorious sight...even to a then 10 year old! :o)