10 Things I am thankful for

1. My 10 years in the Army; the experiences and them being over.
2. The people willing to go overseas again and again knowing that they don't want to be there.
3. My three boys fighting to get in bed with momma this morning
4. Remembering three feelings-
a) The last moment I looked at Jane Anne before leaving for Iraq.
b) The first hug I got from her in the airport when I came home for R&R from Iraq (and the tears... and the people clapping)
c) A year's worth of stress washing off of me as I felt the plane's tires hit the ground when I brought my company home from Iraq
5. David. If he was born 100 years earlier, I would be a single father of 1.
6. Jonathan. He has the purest of intentions. Always.
7. Thomas. He is going to keep me laughing for decades.
8. Elisabeth. She's all I could dream of in a daughter.
9. Hard times. God is teaching me more now than I ever dreamed.
10. Jane Anne. The second greatest gift I have ever received.

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John and Carrie said...

Wow! Seth, thanks for sharing this great list!