Selfishness- a quick conversation

I was frustrated tonight because there is a lot to do and my boys don't seem to want to stay in bed. They are demanding more attention than I am willing to give them.

I prayed, "Please help me love my children the way you love yours."

Immediate conviction.

"Stop being selfish", he said

I complained, "I need to relax for a few minutes to feel refreshed. I need some time for me."

He said, "I am your strength. Spend time with me instead of spending it alone. Stop being selfish."

Got it.


John and Carrie said...

Wow! Thanks for sharing this!

cbogie said...

Seems as though I could/should be having a lot of conversations with God about my selfishness. Or more like I should listen to him about my selfishness. THanks for sharing your encounter.