Creative Kid Food

It's fun to dress up regular food sometimes. Here is today's report on Chicken Nuggets.

Anyone with kids knows you end up eating some things you don't really love sometimes... just because it's easier than making something else. This particular day, I decided that, although I like chicken nuggets as much as the next red-blooded American male with questionable eating and exercise habits, I couldn't eat them dipped in ketchup again. Looking around I found the left over bacon bits and some cheddar cheese from this morning's breakfast burritos (yum yum! I used salsa, bacon, scrambled eggs, fresh cilantro, and cheddar cheese).

Here is the result:

Not too shabby.


Jill said...

Good job, Dad. You're on your way to becoming the next Emeril!

Jessica said...

question: did you bake them or microwave them? hmm, the possibilities...