Which War?

This is a classic, "oops, I didn't mean to call you old" story. And its short, so you don't have to worry about your short attention span or the fact that you're old and bladder can't handle more than 5 minutes without running to the bathroom, because, well, we're older than we think.

During a meeting tonight someone asked me what I did prior to working for my current employer. I said I spent ten years and one day in the Army serving as an officer.

Guy Who Can't Do Math or Estimate Ages (Guy)- "Oh really, my brother's in right now. He's a Captain."

Me- "That's great. Does he love it?"

Guy- "were you.. uhh, did you go play in the sandbox?" (trying to use military slang he picked up from his brother)

Me- "Yes, I spent a year in Iraq."

Guy- "The first or the second?"

Me (thinking he is talking about some unofficial numbering system for the early rotations through Iraq OIF 1, OIF 2, OIF 3, etc but still going to ask a clarifying question- "first?"

Guy (kidding because he's actually a really nice guy)- "Well, if you woulda done your job right in 91 my brother wouldn't have to be there now!"

Me (Laughing)- "I spent ten years in, but just got out 2 years ago. I was in high school during the Gulf War."

Guy- "..."

Me- "..."

Guy- "... I guess I'm a few years older than you, huh?"

Ugggh- I'm old.

on an unrelated note, its been almost another full year since I left the Army- time for my Army Anniversary Run. This may turn into a tradition.

Alright- go to the bathroom- I know you need to.